Dream On Application


Do you ever wished to control your dreams? Well at present there’s an application for that, Professor Richard of the University of Hertfordshire and perhaps the most followed psychologist on twitter has made an app to help people manipulate their dreams. By Using many options available on your I Phone will play sounds for you while you sleep, sounds that are developed to encourage thoughts of an exotic beach, relaxing in a rain forest or that you could just allow the application to surprise you, in fact the programmers are planning to keep adding new sound scapes so the possibilities are endless.

The app for I phone monitors your sleep pattern and only provides the sounds when your brain is attentive to stimulation and even lowers the loudness if it senses you are awakening. The major problem for me is how can I review such an application? When I am sleeping I can’t record what I think of the application but when i am awake the application doesn’t do anything, but the application is free to download.

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